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UF Membrane Modules

Being a trend-setter and pioneer with the first-of-its kind company to manufacture capillary-type Ultrafiltration membanes, TEAM is the most-coveted name for UF Membranes. The Technology was developed by our Group Company – Membrane Hitec in strategic partnership with Membrane Research Technology Singapore and commercialized in India. Established in 2000, our range of UF Membranes provide high operating flux with low operating pressures and low power consumption.


  • Single and multi-bore systems for water treatment
  • Sewage treatment plant (STP)
  • Effluent treatment plant (ETP)
  • Sea-water pre-treatment prior to RO feed
  • Endotoxin removal in dialysis water
  • Colloidal Silica in Boiler feed water
  • POU in packaged drinking water plant
  • Brine purification in caustic soda plant
  • Cooling water recycle systems
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