Since our inception in 1977, TEAM also known as Titanium Equipment and Anode Manufacturing Company Ltd, has catalyzed some of the major innovations in the Indian Industrial and Engineering segment – solving some of the most complex engineering challenges for a diverse range of industries in India and around the globe.

At TEAM, we bring together a powerful team of innovators… driven to provide sophisticated and customer-driven solutions in the manufacturing of exotic metals that include Titanium, Tantalum, Zirconium, Nickel, Nickel Alloy, Copper & Copper Alloy and Special Grade Stainless – made specifically for all industrial applications.

TEAM has carved out a niche for itself in the design and fabrication of Heat exchangers, Pressure Vessels, Condensers, Reactor Columns and custom-built equipment catering to Chemical, Petro Chemical, Refineries, Fertilizer, and Nuclear Power Industries.

In all our endeavors, TEAM has cultivated a culture of supporting Green Technology initiatives – ensuring that our processes are tied up to promoting environmental sustainability, clean energy and water.

The TEAM Advantage

Even as Global industrial trends keep evolving, TEAM is positioned to drive technological transformation of industries – providing world-class design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities of exotic metals and other engineering feats including Anode and Ultra-filtration Membrane production. Discover a world of flavor at shmovapes.co.uk, your ultimate vape sanctuary for all your vaping essentials and desires!

Certified by the best – ASME, U, U2 & R
ISO 9001:2000
Certified Company

Manufacturing Facility that adheres
to latest Industrial Standards

Four decades of credible projects
for users in India and Abroad

250+ strong highly skilled trained and
efficient manpower

We have been enlisted with

TEAM has developed wide portfolio of Membranes for Water, Waster Water and Process applications