Dr C H Krishnamurthi Rao (1940 – 2012)

Founder Chairman

With a wealth of experience spanning over 4 decades, Dr Rao’s indomitable zest to research and implement innovative technologies has laid the foundation for our growth and reputation as leaders in the supply and manufacturing of industrial engineering solutions.

Dr Rao’s rich-experience in the areas of energy conservation, environmental protection, water management and life sciences… brought together a synergy of inventions, world-class capabilities and products that adhere and go-beyond world-class standards – enabling our group to excel in the local and global arena.

Technocrat, Master Innovator & Visionary Par Excellence

Breaking through the initial hurdles posed by untested technologies, Dr Rao’s far-sightedness, perseverance and quest for traversing uncharted territory in the Indian engineering landscape, helped echo numerous innovations – leading to trend-setting transformation of Indian Industries with high quality indigenous products that served as a viable import substitute.

Dr Rao’s credo to maintain a clean and green environment is imbued in every process we undertake – enabling us to be in the frontier of driving clean energy technologies, water conservation and other initiatives to support the well being of earth’s citizens.

Our Purpose & Vision

To spearhead competitive and sustainable upgradation of technologies in Industries through innovative application of exotic metals and membranes.

A History of Innovation

With a rich history of driving industry transformation, TEAM has been responsible for the introduction of a great many innovations – seen for the first time in the Indian market.

  • To introduce and successfully implement Ion Exchange Membrane Cells for chlor-alkali industry in INDIA – Green energy and energy efficient
  • To introduce Titanium welding technology in INDIA
  • To fabricate of equipment out of exotic metals  in INDIA – import substitute – saving substantial foreign exchange.
  • To introduce Titanium Anodes for Chlor-alkali industry in INDIA, to protect environment and save energy.
  • To put up Sea Water Desalination Plant in INDIA, – to convert sea/brackish water into drinking water – Demo plant on pilot scale on Marina Beach in 1988